Taking its name from an incendiary tool used in the area's forest maintenance practice of prescribed burns, Driptorch began as a weekend art show in Thomasville, Georgia. For three days in November 2014 the second and third floors of a historic downtown building were transformed into gallery space featuring five contemporary artists based in the Southeast U.S.

For the 2014 inaugural year, the exhibiting driptorch artists were Sarah Emerson, Mark Messersmith, Mary Engel, Lilian Garcia-Roig and Marcus Kenney. In diverse ways their works explore landscape and the animal kingdom as point of departure and uniting factor. See the artist pages under Driptorch 2014 for more information.

With assistance from the Thomasville Center for the Arts, Thomasville Landmarks and friends the show was extended for two months and is now growing into a series of roving art projects and exhibitions. Keep your eyes peeled for the next spark!

John Gleason
exhibit organizer

Many thanks to the 2014 driptorch advisory committee:
Marcia Wood, Nancy Hooff, Louise Dunlap, Rich Curtis, Annie Burke, Cynthia Hollis, Terri Lindbloom